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When the tow truck operator arrives, they will quickly inspect your vehicle and provide you with all necessary documents for the sale. We handle all the paperwork for you and pay you cash on the spot! 

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Our goal is to make the process of selling your undesirable vehicle quick, safe, and straightforward. No need for online advertisements or dealing with dealerships and salespeople. We will provide you with an offer and, upon acceptance, take care of removing the vehicle and providing you with payment.

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We are willing to purchase any car, regardless of its condition or damage. In fact, we will even pay cash for vehicles that are considered junk. Simply fill out our quick form to see how much we will offer for your car.

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Our company makes it quick and simple to sell your car, as well as any other type of vehicle, including SUVs, trucks, boats, trailers, powersports, and more. We ensure a safe and easy process for you.

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With 270 locations throughout Ontario, Top Cash For Cars is able to provide you with a fast and easy quote within minutes and guarantee payment within 24 hours.

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Are you located in Ontario and looking to sell a damaged or junk car? Look no further! We are interested in purchasing your damaged or junk vehicle. Simply provide us with some basic information about the car and we will give you a instant offer. Yes, it’s really that easy to earn cash for that junk car taking up space in your driveway. We are willing to buy any junk, salvage, scrap, or damaged cars in Ontario.

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Cash for Cars Toronto

Every car owner sooner or later faces the fact that it’s time to sell a car. The reason may be the purchase of a more modern car or the breakdown of the old one. In the first case, you will have to be patient and put the car up for sale, but in the second, if the endless repair is tired and its cost is too high, all that remains is to “rip off the horseshoes” from the faithful horse and send it to “automobile heaven”, that is, to scrap. Almost all enterprises involved in the collection of ferrous scrap metal accept cars for scrap. This is far from the most desired type of black scrap metal, and many refuse for a number of reasons – oil, gasoline residues, plastic, trim, wheels, bumpers and other delights from the recycled offspring of the automotive industry in this context are just garbage and do not represent value. For the same reasons, many greatly underestimate the price of a car when it is scrapped. But do not despair. If you want to sell cars in GTA or are interested in the  prices for scrap cars, then it would be a good idea for you to contact us. We offer the most money for a vehicle in not very good condition on the market

Why Scrap Car Removal Toronto will be the best solution?

Our company is about:

  • Environmentally friendly method of car recycling. Chemicals and various liquids that can leak from a car if disposed of improperly can lead to serious environmental pollution. Turning to our company, you can be sure that the car will be recycled and all its parts will be reused in an environmentally friendly way.

  • The best price for scrap cars in Toronto. Selling cars with us is much more profitable, because we offer 25% more than our competitors.

  • Convenient work schedule for the client and cash settlement on the spot. You do not need to waste time searching for a transport carrier and paying for transportation services – our company will take care of the evacuation.

  • We buy any car in any condition with instant cash payment

  • Buying cars of various models. You do not need to worry about whether the car suits us, specify the year of manufacture, make or model of the vehicle, and spend time negotiating.

  • High level of service. We are ready to provide comprehensive advice and agree on all the details of car export in the most comfortable way for the client.

Sell car in Ontario: is it difficult to negotiate?

No matter what condition your car is in, we are ready to buy it back and pay cash back. We pay cash for scrap cars in Toronto  for vehicles that have been in an accident, fire, flood, or have reached the end of their useful life. We also accept cars of different makes and models. Therefore, if you are looking for how to earn money for scrap car in Ontario, then click “Get Offer” and get an instant offer.

We guarantee you the most pleasant offer in terms of price compared to competitors – do not waste time looking for other companies on the Internet. People who have already used our services always recommend us to their friends and acquaintances. After all, we comply with all guarantees and are distinguished by maximum customer orientation in the market of services provided.

How much can you get to sell car for cash?

By selling your car to us at auto recycling, you can get from $500 to $10,000 in cash. The amount earned will depend on: the condition of the engine, body, chassis, condition of the car’s electrical wiring, and of course, the type of vehicle. The more money we are willing to pay for the recycling of trucks, vans and the removal of large vehicles in and around Greater Toronto Area. And yet, we offer the most favorable conditions for people who decide to earn money from the sale of several junk cars in Toronto.

How long does it take to take a car for scrap?

Sending a car for recycling is reasonable, as it is an opportunity to receive a certain amount that can be used as part of the funds to buy a new car or spend it on other personal needs. By contacting us, you can count not only on an honest and adequate assessment, but also on the fastest possible provision of car removal services. The specialists of our company are ready to arrive on the day of registration of the application and give you cash for scrap cars with free pickup.

You will not need to look for a carrier, match the pickup time with him, compare it with the schedule of our team and then think about how to get money for the vehicle. Everything happens quickly and clearly – experts arrive at the agreed time, evaluate the car, load it and immediately issue cash to the owner.

It is worth noting that we are well aware that time is the most valuable resource in the life of every person and therefore we always arrive on time. It is not clear to us how the agreement can be violated – the drivers arrive on time and do everything as quickly as possible. When ordering a service for the removal of a car for scrap from us, you can calmly plan your day further and not be afraid of any overlays because of scrap car removal.

When is the right time to scrap my cars?

Who carries out the scrap car removal near me? What are the current prices for scrap cars? Where can I sell my car in Toronto? – questions that are relevant to you if your machine can no longer be operated. But how to understand that there is no longer any point in repairing a car and scrapping is the right and only possible solution?

The fact that cash for cars Toronto is the right decision is the following:

  • You no longer trust your car. If the car is very old, and the repair exceeds its cost, then the car is scrapped. As a rule, such a decision is made when the price of the car becomes lower than the amount of money that can be obtained by handing it over for metal. And this happens when you are not sure whether you will reach your destination in your car or not (and it doesn’t matter if we are talking about moving around the city or traveling).

  • Strange sounds while driving, which could not be eliminated in several visits to the master. This is also true when it comes to older cars.

  • Your car received a salvage title. In Ontario, vehicles with a salvage title are deemed too severely damaged to be driven, registered, or insured. These vehicles are meant to be used only for parts or scrap, and cannot be reconstructed or driven on Ontario roads. In this case, it’s probably time to contact a Toronto scrap car removal

  • The specialists of your auto repair shop cannot understand how to fix this or that breakdown, and contacting other service stations also does not help.

10 reasons why you may want to sell your used car

Upgrade to a newer modelYou want a newer and more updated car with more features.
Financial reasonsYou need extra money for an unexpected expense or want to free up cash flow.
Change in lifestyle or family circumstancesYour family has grown, and you need a larger car or have changed your lifestyle and no longer require a car.
RelocationMoving to a city with excellent public transportation and no longer need a car.
Mechanical issuesYour car has frequent mechanical issues, and it’s more cost-effective to sell it and buy a new or used car.
Better car options availableThe market for used cars changes, and better options may become available.
Car no longer fits your needsOutgrown your car in terms of driving habits or needs.
High maintenance costsYour car requires a lot of maintenance and repairs.
Low resale valueYour car has low resale value and selling it can provide a better return.
Lack of storage spaceNeed to clear space in your garage or driveway.
Environmental concernsWant to reduce your carbon footprint and opt for a more eco-friendly mode of transportation.

Why sell your car scrap for cash?

Agree, the old junk cars Toronto in the garage does not bring any benefit, either from a practical or from an aesthetic point of view. So why do people keep these rare cars, which, by scrapping, will bring significant benefits to public and even state interests. This is because metal alloys of various grades and types are obtained by extracting ore from deposits.

Today, with increasing speed, there is a significant shortage and complexity in the extraction of ore and the search for new possible deposits. And so the need to search for these very new deposits is reduced. By handing over scrap metal to collection points, you ensure the possibility of recycling this metal.

Get Help From Us
Usually Asked Question
If you’re in the Ontario….YES! You can sell your car to us from anywhere within the Ontario.
During the process, you will be asked several questions about your car. These answers will be used to compare to market data for similar vehicles to determine a fair and instant offer for purchasing your car. If you accept the offer, you can choose a convenient time and day for our local towing partner to come and pick up the vehicle. They will perform a quick check to ensure everything is in good condition before providing payment.

Absolutely! No matter the condition of your vehicle, we are willing to purchase it. Whether it’s in good condition, bad condition, or completely beyond repair, we will consider it. Contact us for a quote and we’ll see what options we have for you. Whether your car has a blown engine, missing wheels, or is in terrible condition, we will consider buying it.

We are willing to purchase vehicles in any condition, whether it be good, bad, or in a state of disrepair. This includes vehicles with blown engines, missing wheels, and those that may seem beyond repair. Contact us for a quote and let’s see how we can help you out!

If your vehicle is able to be safely driven, does not have any major mechanical issues, and is able to move under its own power when in gear, it is considered to be driveable. If all of these requirements are met, and you have the keys and a functioning battery, you are ready to go!

As soon as you provide us with the ownership and keys, you will receive payment for your car. If you are unable to be present at the time of pickup, we will mail your payment to you. It’s that simple!

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Top Cash For Cars is one of the best auto wrecker in Ontario with the best reviews and recommendations from most of our clients. Most of our clients who came to us exchanged their wrecked car for good old cash and yes, they are satisfied with the amount that they received. Sounds good, right? Call us now 1-647-764-1759