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Looking to sell your car hassle-free? Choose TopCashForCars! We manage all the paperwork, provide complimentary towing, and hand you cash immediately.

We buy ALL types of vehicles

Effortlessly sell your vehicle, regardless of make, model, year, or condition. Bypass the pressures of online postings and continuous bargaining.

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Contact us, then get your offer

To begin, simply call us or fill out our online form detailing your car’s specifics. Our team will swiftly provide you with our most competitive offer for your vehicle.

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Accept the offer, we come pick up your vehicle

Select a convenient date, and we’ll collect your vehicle for free. On the chosen day, our tow truck driver will contact you to verify the expected arrival time.

Step 3
We pick up your car, you get cash in hand!

When the tow truck operator arrives, they will quickly inspect your vehicle and provide you with all necessary documents for the sale. We handle all the paperwork for you and pay you cash on the spot! 

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We aim to simplify the process of selling your unwanted vehicle, ensuring it’s fast, secure, and hassle-free. Forget about online ads or navigating dealership negotiations. Just accept our offer, and we’ll handle the vehicle removal and payment for you.

We buy cars, running or not

We're open to buying cars in any condition or state of disrepair. Even if your vehicle is deemed 'junk', we're ready to pay cash. Just complete our brief form to find out our offer for your car.

Quick and Easy

Our company streamlines the process of selling not just cars but also SUVs, trucks, boats, trailers, powersports, and beyond. We guarantee a seamless and secure experience for you.

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Located in Mississauga, Top Cash For Cars is able to provide you with a fast and easy quote within minutes and guarantee payment within 24 hours.

Fill out a simple form and get an instant quote

Looking to sell your car fast? We provide an easy and hassle-free option. Fill out our online form and get a quote for your vehicle in minutes. Should you accept our offer, we’ll buy your car and coordinate its pickup. You’ll get instant payment and we’ll take care of the entire car removal process for you.

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Any make, any model, any condition!

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We take care of the towing your junk car at no extra cost to you. All the paperwork is handled professionally by our driver when they pick up your vehicle.

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If you accept our guaranteed offer, we’ll arrange a pick up time that works best for your schedule.

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Free towing is included when we buy cars. No matter where the car is located.

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Maximize your sale price and join our 50,000 customers. Call for a quick car evaluation and get a fair offer within minutes

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Cash for Cars Mississauga

In case you are deciding whether your old or unused car should be removed from its place to free it for a new vehicle, let’s make this separation profitable for your budget! Our company turns junk cars in Mississauga into something more profitable, for example into cash. That’s not magic. Get a real deal offered by!

Let’s get into detail about the opportunity for you to sell a car in Mississauga for a better cost than any other car removal company can offer. Get free towing from your household as an additional benefit, which is exclusively provided by

Accepting Junk Cars in Mississauga With No Dependence on Their Condition

Scrap car removal services became a true salvation for car owners who have no idea how they can deal with their autos if they are scrap. It is what our company offers to Mississauga residents. is more than a service which helps to utilize old and non-running autos. It is the company which pays in cash and offers 25% higher pricing than any other scrap removal enterprise.

We work as car owners’ aid when they want to dispose of their vehicles. For us, it is not significant what condition your auto is in. We gladly exchange to dollars the following types of autos:

  • Old and outdated vehicles which are on the run but require expensive repair and costly maintenance. Get cash and invest it in a new car instead of cracking brains about what to do with your old one.
  • Vehicles which are totally ruined or crashed, drowned, burnt, or transformed into scrap piles in car accidents. It’s much better than utilize it for your costs.
  • Remodeled vehicles of non-standard types, including vehicles which are not allowed to be used due to non-compliance with environmental regulations. If you cannot drive the vehicle, then why do you need it? Better, sell it to us!

Even if your auto can hardly be called a vehicle, you can get your cash for scrap cars in Mississauga from

What to do about this? There are only 3 steps to get your money and remove your car. And you can make them even today!

3 Steps to Your Dream: You Say “I Want to Sell My Car in Mississauga”, We Say “We’re in Business”

Our Mississauga scrap car removal gladly awaits your application either by phone or online. Simply enter our website, indicate your car’s specifications in our online application form, and here we go!

  • Get a quote from our managers to understand how much cash you can get for your car.
  • Negotiate on terms and payments and agree on details of a deal.
  • Meet our rep who will come to your door with all the documents prepared for signing and exchange your car’s keys for dollars.

Nothing can be easier than this! We take all the rest to make it our concern. Our specialists provide the following services to help you easily receive cash for cars in Mississauga.

  • We provide a thorough calculation to develop the pricing for each vehicle individually. Our managers take into account lots of details including engine and body condition, the overall weight of a vehicle, its technical condition, type, model, and year of issue.
  • We provide detailed consulting services to help you sell a car with maximal profit. You can get a detailed estimate and negotiate with us if you consider your car is worth more.
  • We provide all the paperwork. Our lawyers and managers develop contracts and prepare them for signing.
  • Towing your car is our concern too. We provide you with comfort as you do not need to plan any visits. We come to your door and conclude the deal on your territory. Then we pick up your car and transport it from your household.
  • We bring you cash and provide you with it right at the moment of signing the contract.

All this makes our customers who already placed an application “Please, sell my car in Mississauga” happy and wrapped in comfort.

The Most Significant Advantages of Getting Cash for Cars in Mississauga from Us

By providing an exceptional level of services, we gained a strong reputation in Mississauga and neighborhoods. This reputation is empowered by the following advantages that we offer to customers who entrust our car removal service.

  • The highest prices in the market. As analytics say, we propose 25% higher rates for scrap vehicles than other market players.
  • The fastest conclusion of deals. You can get your car sold in one day. That’s real!
  • A turnkey service which includes price calculation, consultations, negotiations, paperwork, and car towing services. You apply to sell a car, we do all the rest.
  • A flawless customer service. We go above and beyond to provide customers with the highest quality of services, comfort, and respect.

These advantages are the basis of our work, and we strictly adhere to them.

Why Choose in Mississauga?

Key BenefitDescription
Top PricesWe offer up to 25% more than competitors. Minimum price: $500. Maximum price: $10K.
Ease of UseJust 3 simple steps: Get a quote, negotiate, and exchange your car for cash.
Cash PaymentNo delays. No bank fees. Get paid on the spot.
Free TowingWe handle transportation, saving you additional costs.
Personalized PricingDetailed car assessments for a fair quote.
Expert ConsultationOur team is always ready to help and provide the best advice.
Fast DealsSame-day deals available for quick transactions.

Pricing Is Our Bright Side: Get the Highest Quote for Your Vehicle in Mississauga

Pricing for cars is a headache for all car owners. Old cars don’t cost much, can’t they? We break the rule and set prices for scrap cars which are overwhelming for customers.

  • The minimum price is $500, and we offer it only when there is nothing to pick up at all.
  • The maximum price is $10K, and you can get it with ease. We eagerly pay for it for various cars.
  • Free quotation is our feature. You get price calculations instantly online or during a phone consultation with our specialists.
  • Free car towing services are also included. You save money on car towing, and you do not need to hire a car shipping operator to deal with transportation.

Besides, you get money in cash! That’s what no one else in the scrap car removal niche offers in the area. No delays and waiting for bank transaction completion. No extra fees for bank services. You get accurately what you were offered for your vehicle by!

We work throughout Mississauga and our reps often provide customers with the same-day deals.

Do not wait until your junk car becomes a real metal pile. Sell it with the highest profitability in Mississauga. We gladly wait for your application to offer you the best conditions for scrap car sales in the whole region.

Transferring old vehicles into cash is not magic. It is!

Get Help From Us
Usually Asked Question

If you’re in Mississauga….YES! You can sell your car to us from anywhere in Mississauga.

During the process, you will be asked several questions about your car. These answers will be used to compare to market data for similar vehicles to determine a fair and instant offer for purchasing your car. If you accept the offer, you can choose a convenient time and day for our local towing partner to come and pick up the vehicle. They will perform a quick check to ensure everything is in good condition before providing payment.

Absolutely! No matter the condition of your vehicle, we are willing to purchase it. Whether it’s in good condition, bad condition, or completely beyond repair, we will consider it. Contact us for a quote and we’ll see what options we have for you. Whether your car has a blown engine, missing wheels, or is in terrible condition, we will consider buying it.

We are willing to purchase vehicles in any condition, whether it be good, bad, or in a state of disrepair. This includes vehicles with blown engines, missing wheels, and those that may seem beyond repair. Contact us for a quote and let’s see how we can help you out!

If your vehicle is able to be safely driven, does not have any major mechanical issues, and is able to move under its own power when in gear, it is considered to be driveable. If all of these requirements are met, and you have the keys and a functioning battery, you are ready to go!

As soon as you provide us with the ownership and keys, you will receive payment for your car. If you are unable to be present at the time of pickup, we will mail your payment to you. It’s that simple!

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Top Cash For Cars is one of the best auto wrecker in Ontario with the best reviews and recommendations from most of our clients.

Most of our clients who came to us exchanged their wrecked car for good old cash and yes, they are satisfied with the amount that they received.

Sounds good, right?

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